Lions End Meeting Minutes • September 2018


● Nagashima Ichiro Ujimich – Senechal
● Yem-Liu Targai
● Marion of York – Lieutenant of Fence (lapsed)
● Alienor Salton, – Ostgardr Seneschal, Lions End Webminister
● Duggmore, Castellan – Deputy Exchequer
● Arnborg Niálsdóttir – Exchequer
● Madeline Valentine
● Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs
● Iola Wulfsdotter – Deputy Herald, Recording Secretary Oct. 2018

Digital Attendees
● Jenna Childersley

Absent Officers
● Bish – Herald
● Maeve – A&S, Chronicler
● Donnchadh mac Eoin – Deputy Herald
● Alec – Provincial Champion

Officers’ Reports

● Balance of account is $3029.02
● Village of Farmiongdale is supposed to send us a $500 stipend for last demo/fair

● Stepped up to be Lions End Webminister
● Asked Uji to let her know what is needed

Lieutenant of Fence (lapsed)
● Working on reauthorizing

● Doing what he can to find deputies for all officer positions

Other Business

● Uji suggested space at Nassau Community College
● Jenna suggested Greenvale Diner
● A polling was done online and diner was clearly the favorite
● Vote called – Diner for October (must call ahead to reserve space)
● Levittown Library cannot be used for quarterly meetings

Upcoming Events
● Arrows, Axes & Ales – Barony of An Dubhaigeainn
● Queens Farms Demo
● Cloisters Demo
● Lions Awaken – planning for April 6th or May 4th

A & S Workshops 
● Kimchi workshop – October 6th

Fencing Practice 
● Marion of York has offered use of her backyard for fencing practice

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