October Commons Minutes

Lions End held its monthly commons meeting on October 9. Here are the minutes as recorded by Iola Wulfsdotter.

Commons meeting started at 8pm.

SCA Bullying & Harassment Policy posted & read.

Catching up on what & when the payment information was sent to Farmingdale Fire Dept. Turns out that it’s the Seneschal’s duty to send it.

Uji brought up getting new badges for the officers for Lions End. Alexander said he knows of a inexpensive fabric badges from  Etsy. Jenna offered to sew them onto belt favors. And it was agreed to purchase the entire 7 officers set.

Mordreth has offered to give some old dresses for Lions End Gold Key. Jenna also said she would sew some simple matching tunic set for a couple for donation.

Jenna proposed a possible monthly A&S at the Gold Coast library. She will find out their weekday schedule so we can make a decision when we’d like to set this up.

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